• Puberty usually occurs between 10-15 years old.
  • A type one diabetic or parents should keep in mind that during puberty there may be many changes in diet intake or insulin requirements, so they have to take extra care about insulin dosage, blood glucose testing, diet, etc.
  • During puberty, a body changes and starts to develop in different ways for males and females.
  • If you notice changes that you are unsure about, talk to your doctor about them.
  • There may also be emotional changes during puberty, and a parent and family should remember to be understanding of a child’s questions, emotions, and concerns.
  • Through additional care and attention, a diabetic can handle their blood sugar during puberty.


Information and images from are from or inspired by Living the Sweet Life with Diabetes: The Art of balancing insulin, diet, and exercise by Dr. Santosh Gupta, MD, MRCP (UK), CDE.  You can access the book here:

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