Diabetes does not mean that you cannot date

  • Do not hide your diabetes from someone when you are dating them. They should be able to help you and they can even help with things you may not want to talk to your parents about instead.
  • You need someone with whom you can share your feelings and emotions
  • Someone who understands you will make every possible effort to help you
  • You must be comfortable with yourself to find someone who will help you and understand you. If you are comfortable in your own shell then you will be able to find someone who will love you.
  • When you are dating, it is important to be honest with the person you are dating about your diabetes.
  • They should be able to know about your signs of a low or high blood sugar and you should feel comfortable sharing this information with them and telling them if you do not feel well.  
  • The person you are dating should never make you feel uncomfortable about diabetes (or anything about yourself). They should encourage you to take care of yourself and should want to see you healthy.


Information and images from are from or inspired by Living the Sweet Life with Diabetes: The Art of balancing insulin, diet, and exercise by Dr. Santosh Gupta, MD, MRCP (UK), CDE.  You can access the book here:

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