Teens With Diabetes

Growing up is hard in so many ways – and diabetes can sometimes make it even more challenging. It is hard and confusing to understand ways that your body is changing.
You will find yourself in new social situations, with new friends, and with more and more responsibilities.
You probably have a lot of questions about how all of these things will affect your diabetes and how to manage your diabetes through all of this, and that is ok! With just a little extra care, you can learn to manage diabetes in these new situations and learn how growing up and diabetes affect each other.
Puberty usually occurs between 10-15 years old. A type one diabetic or parents should keep in mind that during puberty there may be many changes in diet intake or insulin requirements, so they have
Diabetes does not mean that you cannot date Do not hide your diabetes from someone when you are dating them. They should be able to help you and they can even help with things you
If you drink alcohol, you must be aware of the effects alcohol has on your blood sugar and make sure that someone always knows that you have diabetes. It can be very dangerous to drink


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