Eating out with T1D

It may be tricky or confusing to eat out with diabetes because you will not know the exact carb count of what you are eating.

Here are some tips to successfully count carbs when eating out:

  • If you are eating food similar to food you have had before that you know the carb count, the foods may have similar carb counts.
    • You do not know if what you are eating is exactly the same though.
  • If you see the ingredients of carb count anywhere, try to reference it.
  • Look up the food before hand and check or the Calorie King book to see if the carb counts are listed.
  • It is better to be safer rather than sorry when counting carbs and you should usually air on the slightly lower side and then keep a close eye on your blood sugars afterwords.


Information and images from are from or inspired by Living the Sweet Life with Diabetes: The Art of balancing insulin, diet, and exercise by Dr. Santosh Gupta, MD, MRCP (UK), CDE.  You can access the book here:

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