Famous People with T1D

You are not alone. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, don’t lose heart. Take a look at some famous diabetics who went on to influence the world in their chosen fields.


  • Swami Vivekananda. Sports Personalities
  • Wassim Akbar – Cricketer
  • Arthur Ashe – Tennis star
  • “Smokin Joe” Frasier – Boxer Scientists
  • Thomas Alva Edison – Scientist
  • Lois Jovanovich–Peterson – Endocrinologist Musicians
  • Tony Bennett – Singer
  • Elvis Presley – Singer/Actor Movie Stars
  • Halle Barry – Actress
  • Elizabeth Taylor – Actress
  • Spencer Tracy – Actor
  • Jerry Lewis – Actor/Comedian Other Famous Personalities
  • Ernest Hemingway – Author
  • George Lucas – Director/Producer (Star Wars)


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