Friends and Family

When your friend or family member is diagnosed with diabetes, it is hard to know what to do, how to react, how to be there for your friend or family, and how this will affect you.
It is also hard to have diabetes and not know how your life affects the people that you love.
Good communication ensures that everyone is considered and taken care of. It is important for both groups to be honest with each other and to talk to each other.


Parents or Caregivers of Children with Diabetes
Parent’s Responsibilities Be consistent with meal times. If a child has taken his or her insulin, food should be available to eat within 15-30 minutes depending on the type of meal type insulin. Keep a
For Friends of People with T1D
If your friend is diagnosed with diabetes, it may be scary. You may not know much about diabetes or how to help your friend. There are some tips for being a good friend below: Remember
How to Talk About Diabetes
Sometimes it can seem scary to tell different people that you have diabetes - or to tell them how to take of you and what they need to know in case of an emergency. It
For Diabetes Care Teams
The key to successful diabetes treatment is when a child, his or her family, a doctor, and a diabetes educator work as a team. A diabetes team consists of a physician trained in care of
For School Nurses or Teachers
School nurses and teachers should know about diabetes. Particularly, they should be educated in hypoglycemia and know the warning signs and what to do in case of an emergency. They should also now about
Role of Support Group
Diabetes support groups are a great place for children to vent their feelings about being diabetic and for families to support each other. Support groups are also a platform to advance the child’s and their


Information and images from are from or inspired by Living the Sweet Life with Diabetes: The Art of balancing insulin, diet, and exercise by Dr. Santosh Gupta, MD, MRCP (UK), CDE.  You can access the book here: .


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