Women With Diabetes

There are many situations unique to women’s health and making sure that you understand how all of these topics will affect diabetes is very important to stay healthy. If you have any health-related questions you should talk to your doctor and never feel embarrassed.
It is also important to continually get checkups. Female health is an ongoing discussion, so it will continue to affect diabetes.
Additionally,  click here for more specific information about dating in the “Teens with Diabetes” section of this website. Click here for more specific information about how to talk to your significant other about diabetes.
Everyone is affected differently by their period. You should keep track of your blood sugar when you get your period and see if you can find any personal patterns in your blood sugar each
It is completely possible to have a healthy baby if the mother (or father) has diabetes. Diabetes will not prevent you from having a healthy baby. You will need to take care of yourself,


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